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Department of Taiwanese Folk Opera of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts The Tale of the Ancient City, The Tenderness behind the Iron Face

Department of Taiwanese Folk Opera of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts The Tale of the Ancient City, The Tenderness behind the Iron Face
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    • 2018/11/08 19:30 ~ 2018/11/15 21:00
    • Address:台北市士林區751 Wen-lin Road, Shilin District 11159, Taipei City
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    Department of Taiwanese Folk Opera of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts The Tale of the Ancient City, The Tenderness behind the Iron Face -1
    2018/08/09 00:00 ~ 2018/08/09 00:00
    National Center for Traditional Arts
    Department of Taiwanese Folk Opera of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts The Tale of the Ancient City, The Tenderness behind the Iron Face -2
    2018/08/09 00:00 ~ 2018/08/09 00:00
    National Center for Traditional Arts

About 2018 Stage for the Up-and-Coming Talent Series

The project provides stage performance opportunities for promising artists of traditional operas at home. At this joint performance series, up-and-coming talents of Beijing opera, Taiwanese opera, Hakka opera, Luantan opera, and Bangzi opera are invited to go on stage and share finely hone performing skills with their peers and the audience. It is hoped that budding performers will be motivated to unleash more of their potential on stage and grow into stars of tomorrow.


The Performing Group│Department of Taiwanese Folk Opera of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

Department of Taiwanese Folk Opera is the only department in Taiwan which trains traditional opera talents in a multi-faceted way of proper and official opera education. Aside from the training in professional opera technique courses, the trainees were exposed to a diverse curriculum with the aspects of theatrical theory, dance body type, historical development, performance creation, theatrical management and music score recognition principle, ranging from basic to advance courses. Echoing with the modern social vibes, the program expects to create a broader artistic boundary for traditional opera in the era of globalization and stepping into a new era.

The show times are as follows:

  • 2018/11/08 thu. 19:30 First session: The Tale of the Ancient City (Taiwanese Opera) (about 30 minutes)
  • 2018/11/15 thu. 19:30 First session: The Tenderness behind the Iron Face (Taiwanese Opera) (about 30 minutes)


The Tale of the Ancient City


Known as Behead Tsai Yang, it is adapted from the Chinese novel The Three Kingdoms and the legend in Ming dynasty The Tale of the Ancient City. The excerpt is about the story when GUAN YU has surrendered to CAO Caroche resigned from the CAO's position offer to search for his brother LIU BEI as soon as he heard his news. On GUAN's way back, he knew that the CHANG FEI has occupied the city and convoyed two royal sister-in-law thus he headed for the city to meet LUI BEI. However, CHANG questioned GUAN's loyalty due to his staying at the CAO's camp for possible conspiracy. While GUAN and CHANG are debating the issue, CAO's general TSAI YANG led a troupe of army chasing after GUAN YU which caused his great suspicion over GUAN 's loyalty. GUAN YU decided to behead TSAI YANG as a declaration of his loyalty so that CHANG finally allowed GUAN to enter the fortress. LUI scolded CHANG's rudeness and apologized to GUAN. They recaptured the days apart and their brotherhood has been reconnected since then.


Group Members

  • Executive Director|LIU Guan-liang
  • Script Editor|CHEN Sheng-lin
  • Music Composition|CHEN,Meng-liang
  • Costume Designer|WU De-fu
  • Performers|XIE Xue-cheng, HUANG Jun-kai, LIN Yun-han


Featured Artists

PerformersXIE Xue-chengLIU BEI

XIE Xue-cheng is quite experienced in the open-air theatrical performance. He has been learning from various opera groups, including Ming Yuan Opera Group, Li Ching Fang Opera Group, Ming-Chu Girls Opera Group, Chen Mei Yun Opera Group, and New Nation's Voice Opera Group. Personally, he has participated in National Taiwan College of Performing Arts' productions: The Martial God of Loyalty and Braveness and The Opera House in Autumn-the famous and classics heritage performance, Li Ching Fang Opera Group's production: Moolien Saves Mother and Half Emperor's Chariot, and Ming-Chu Girls Opera Group's production: The Tale from the South, Noble are those who marry, Blizzard Lovesick and Waiting for the Tough Time to Pass.

HSIEH was awarded the Golden Sprout Prize (The Special Prize) in 2015 and the first prize in 2016. He was the semi-finalist in the Taiwanese Opera Competition "I am Yang Li-Hua".


PerformersHUANG Jun-kaiGUAN YU

HUANG Chun-kai has had strong passion for performance since childhood. He entered the opera school while he was innocent and underwent complete and strict professional opera training. Though it was tough, Chun-kai has realized the importance of opera heritage under the guidance from the mentors. During the under-graduate courses, Chun-Kai's movement skills has improved and started the learning of modern performance theory. Meanwhile, he has devoted himself in the absorption of Western performance thinking and came to the realization of traditional arts preservation. He is grateful for the teaching and recommendation from the teachers so that he can stand on the stage of new stars. He anticipates to devote himself and shine on the realm of traditional performance arts in Taiwan.


PerformersLIN Yun-hanZHANG FEI

LIN Yun-han has undergone professional training since the 7th grade for 9 years. He is active in acquiring all the techniques passing down from every master. He has accumulated years of stage performance experiences. One of his iconic performance is the role as CAO CAO in the play of The Three Kingdoms - The White Horse Hill at Dalongdong Boan Temple. The role of CAO is considered as the treacherous court official and the emotional inner world of cunningness. LIN’s interpretation of abundant emotional twists has achieved a higher level of performance. LIN was awarded as the first prize of the Sprout Award. He also participated the art student training program in Lan Yang. He participated major performances of Lan Yang Taiwanese Opera Company during the contract time.



The Tenderness behind the Iron Face


The government inspector WU CHENG KUN has been well known for his justice and fairness. In Autumn, the south of the Five Ridges area has encountered the natural disaster. WU CHENG KUN was appointed by the royal court to assist the refuges, however, on his way of escorting the grains, the relief grains were almost robbed due to the absence of the officials’ protection. Under careful investigation, it was his godfather recruiting his son-in-law and all the officials has come for greetings.

WU went to the governors’ house for further investigation, his sister-in-law, FENG YIN, has blamed him for making such a big fuss about the incident. The new groom DING RUI AN advised WU to be careful about his own career and take the matter lightly. Such words had induced WU’s doubts towards DING’s character and found DING’s background suspicious. It was turned out that in order to get rich and power, DING not only concealed the fact he had aready married but killed his original wife ZHANG BI E when she came to him. Finally, under fair and unselfish trail by WU, ZHANG's death of injustice was redressed.


Group Members

  • Executive Director|ZHANG Meng-yi
  • Script Editing|JIANG Mu-fei
  • Music Composition|CHEN,Meng-liang
  • Costume Organizer|WU De-fu
  • erformers|CHEN Zi-yi, LIN Ruo-zhen, YUAN Min-hui


Featured Artists

PerformersCHEN Zi-yiDING RUI AN

CHEN Zi-yi was born in a family with traditional opera heritage. He has carried down his father’s sense of theatrical performance and solid foundation of performance skills. He is most skillfull at playing the role as WenSheng (young and hensome male role). Recent years, he has tried to play the role as the old gentleman (the Chinese pronunciation is LaoSheng) in a quite solemn and stable way. His most notable work was the role as SUNG Jiang in Wulongyuan in The Collective Performance of Taiwanese Opera Famous Legacy. CHEN also achieved outstanding performance in fighting reperatoire. In the Heros in Sui and Tang Dynasty produced by the Ming Hua Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company, he played the role as the Great General, impressed the audience with his excellent skills and charismatic. CHEN has proved that he has outperformed his forefathers and can be regarded as the outstanding third-generation actors of the Company.


PerformersLIN Ruo-zhenZHANG BI E

LIN Ruo-zhen comes from southern part of Taiwan-Pingtung, a place with hospitality. She carried a heart full of passion towards Taiwan traditional opera and came to Taipei alone to undergo the official training in National Taiwan College of Performing Arts for 9 years. LIN expresses her love for the arts through her active participation in all kinds of activities and competitions within and outside school. She is also active on the stage of the Youth League and Legacy Taiwanese Opera Company. She has shown her braveness as a new rising star. Besides her stage performance, she spent much efforts in the participation back-stage. She always shows her eyes of determination and respects toward every role and task she took. We hope to see LIN’s progress and breakthrough in her future performance.


PerformersYUAN Min-huiLIU FENG YIN

YUAN Min-hui was born in Guangdong province of China and brought up in Taiwan. In her primary school years, she was trained with ballet, modern dance and folk dance techniques. After graduating from primary school, she was sent to Traditional Opera in National Taiwan College of Performing Arts(NTCPA) to learn Taiwanese Opera. Then she entered to Chi-Ying Senior High School and joined the dance team of Film and Television. She went back to Department of Taiwanese Opera at NTCPA three years ago and invested amounts of time in the training of Taiwanese Opera again.




About the Performance Schedule

Click here to view the complete performance schedule.​

This year there are a total of eight performances, and each performance comprises three one-act plays presented by different performing groups.

Click here to view the complete performance schedule.

Length: About 90 minutes for each performance (without intermission)

Venue: Experimental Theatre


1. Chinese and English subtitles are provided.

2. Each performance will be recorded.


Ticket Prices: NT$400/600 for each performance (reserved seating)



Organizer: National Center for Traditional Arts

Advisor: Ministry of Culture

* Please visit the official website for all the latest updates.

* The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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