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Songs of Formosa

Songs of Formosa
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    • 2018/08/03 14:30 ~ 2018/08/04 21:30
    • Address:台北市士林區751 Wen-lin Road, Shilin District 11159, Taipei City
  • Event
    Songs of Formosa -1
    2018/05/21 00:00 ~ 2018/05/21 00:00
    Main Theatre, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre
    Songs of Formosa -2
    2018/05/21 00:00 ~ 2018/05/21 00:00
    Main Theatre, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre

Time, Date, and Venue

  • 2018/08/03 fri. 19:30-21:30
  • 2018/08/04 sat. 14:30-16:30
  • Length : about 120 minutes (with a 20 min. intermission)
  • Tickets : NT$300/600/800/1000
  • Note :
  1. the afternoon show on 2018/08/04 will be recorded.
  2. There will be no subtitle for the performance.


About the Performance

“Singing songs of Formosa, songs of Taiwan, our homeland, is our way to sing out our hope.” It is with this spirit, that Formosa Singers presents the audience Songs of Formosa. By performing songs particularly meaningful to the local community in the chorus, the group aims to introduce Taiwanese songs to a greater audience, make new friends with music, and share what it has achieved in promoting Taiwanese choral music over the years with more music lovers on the island.

In the concert, in addition to a number of choral classics of western origin, a wide variety of local pieces covering Taiwanese, Hakka, and indigenous Taiwanese tunes will also be performed. Formosa Singers, the performing group, has been dedicated to creating and publishing rearranged Taiwanese ballads and songs on a regular basis. By so doing, it aims to pass down the beautiful melodies about the island to the next generation, preserve the rich and diversified local music scene in Taiwan, and inspire respect and love for the land and the great variety of cultures on it among its audience and the general public.


Performance GroupFormosa Singers

Established in 1994, Formosa Singers is one of the most active choral groups in Taiwan. Founded by Professor Su Ching-chun, who studied choir and conducting in the US and later also served as the artistic director of the choir, the group is dedicated to promoting top-quality Taiwanese choral music while refining the art of chorus. The group has achieved a great deal over the past 20 years, and has been widely recognized both home and abroad.


Organizer: National Center for Traditional Arts

Advisor: Ministry of Culture

* Please visit the official website for all the latest updates.

* The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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